| Wednesday, 1 February 2017 |
Global event

Early Development and Learning: Cooking from Planning to Implementation

5:30 PM » 7:30 PM

Early development and learning

Join into this live webinar to discuss cooking from planning to implementation and how it is supported as an early practitioner.  Providers are granted TIPS to support the commitment to establish and maintain a learning environment.

NAEYC Ethical Code of Conduct Supported:

  • I-1.5—To create and maintain safe and healthy settings that foster children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development and that respect their dignity and their contributions.
  • I-1.8—To support the right of each child to play and learn in an inclusive environment that meets the needs of children with and without disabilities.
  • I-1.10—To ensure that each child’s culture, language, ethnicity, and family structure are recognized and valued in the program.

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Global event

Pre-School CDA Class: Professionalism of the Early Child Care Industry

8:00 PM » 10:00 PM

Pre-School CDA Class: Professionalism of the Early Child Care Industry

Live Webinar for Supporting Candidates Commitment to professionalism. Individuals will be provided tools and strategies to support successful execution during CDA Visit and exam. This overview will be support competence statement and add individual goals during site visits. Resource collection discussion and portfolio support certificate granted