Kendra's Law (SC Statute 63-13-825) requires all operators and staff of Family Child Care Homes to have 2 hours of DSS approved training each year. For more information, call the Licensing Central Office at 1-800-556-7445 or 803-898-9020, or click on the Training Calendar or Training Schedule below to find training sessions.

Kendra's Law

(A) An operator of a family childcare home and any person employed by or who contracts with an operator of a family childcare home, annually shall complete and provide documentation to the Department of Social Services of a minimum of two hours of training approved by the department.

(B) The department shall indicate on its website those family childcare homes that are, and those that are not, in compliance with this section and may include, but are not limited to, the amount of training the operator and other persons employed by or under contract with a family childcare home have reported to the department.

TIPS for Child Care Institute offers hours to meet criteria.