TIPS Train the Trainer Institute is a unique experience for child care trainers.

Annual Membership Fee: $99 (Includes over 52 New Weekly Courses)

Could your training use a reboot? Since 2003 TIPS for Child Care Institute, our parent company has been providing training content recognized by state systems throughout the country that is affordable, accessible and engaging using our creative and innovative model.

 As trailblazers in the online child care training industry, we have created The TIPS Train the Trainer institute for child care trainers a unique and highly engaging institute.


Participants learn not only how to conduct training but how to write outlines and format content for state registries, utilize strategies that will engage adult learners and aid in skill mastery instantly. TIPS Train the Trainer produces content outcomes that can be implemented and result in successful adult-child interaction.


 We are the only company teaching how to use a Moodle Learning Management platform saving trainers over $10,000 in design and implementation of building your own training institute.

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