This is a self-paced course that will address:

  • The advantages of a well-ordered and predictable environment, where daily routines such as arrivals and departures, mealtimes, nap times and toileting are dealt with consistently by all.
  • How routines provide opportunities for children to learn more about themselves, the world and how others support peer interaction.
  • That daily routines also offer children a sense of stability, and a feeling of warmth and caring from their teachers.
  • How to develop appropriate daily routines/activities for children that encourage peer interaction.

Topic area:  Curriculum

Length of Time: 1 Clock Hour

Topic Area/CDA Functional Area: Self, Social and Guidance

Audience: Child Care Providers/CDA Candidates/Adoptive/Foster Parents/School Age/Program Administrators

Approvals: SC-CCCCD, CDA Candidates, and Other Providers Seeking Non-Instructor Online CEUs