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What this course will cover?

  • Where does the time go:
  • Typical Time Wasters
  • Getting yourself organized
  • and more...

TIPS iconTheory In Practice Strategies

In this course Theorist Urie Bronfenbrenner, is discussed. Bronfenbrenner developed the Ecological Systems theory to explain how a child's environment influences a child's development.

In his model, there is a hierarchy of influence levels. He puts the child, who comes with his own temperament and conditions, in the middle, or Micro System. The nuclear family, or Meso System, has the greatest influence on a child's emotional development since, hopefully, his first attachment is to his mother or other primary caregiver. The community a child lives in and the school(s) he attends, the Exo System, also have a substantial amount of influence on his social emotional development; in particular, the early childhood program he attends, and the relationships he establishes with his teacher or provider. Bronfenbrenner's Macros System, or society, which includes culture, government and public policies, comes next. The final system, the Chrono System includes transitions such as moving, changing schools, divorce and other life changes that can effect a child's social emotional development.

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