TIPS Helps EHS - CCP Grantee Providers Get CDA

TIPS Helps EHS - CCP Grantee Providers Get CDA
by Shawntel Green - Wednesday, 1 June 2016, 3:15 PM
CDA Fast Track Support Program

TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc offers on-going CDA Fast Track Support for new hire candidates that do not meet current CDA qualification criteria. The TIPS JumpStart™ program offers an orientation which includes a resource and demonstration overview, courses online via live webinars, recorded sessions, portfolio and test support. Comprehensive training programs are available to aid in the day one implementation and execution of curriculum and child development principles for less experienced personnel.  

Our program has been described as a "JumpStart" to ECE by both providers and directors. We currently are assisting EHS-CCP Grantees meet current teacher qualification components and support expansion opportunities. TIPS for Child Care has been credited for "bring it all together" supporting the overall investment of the providers, collaboration teams and partnerships. 

Providers supported through our program are "enthusiastic, less overwhelmed by collaboration expectations and program implementation ready".