TIPS for Child Care Institute Inc, Fast Track CDA Program In Atlanta Ga

TIPS for Child Care Institute Inc, Fast Track CDA Program In Atlanta Ga
by Shawntel Green - Monday, 4 July 2016, 8:43 PM
CDA Fast Track Support Program

Are you in need CDA Help? Consider the TIPS for Child Care Institute Fast Track Jumpstart CDA Program to meet your requirements as outlined in 101: Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships. 

TIPS for Child Care Institute has designated Instructors to aid EHS CCP Grantee's Teachers meet CDA Criteria with direct support and 2 Day Orientation in your community. We are finding much success while supporting providers through our unique blended learning environments and are extended the invitation to your community.

This is to ensure teachers meet minimum hiring criteria as indicated in 101: EHS CCP Staff and Professional Development. TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. will be supporting them through the CDA process, building a great ECE foundation and have the essentials necessary to support the initiative collaboration process.

Staff and Professional Development Prior to hiring employees, grantees must conduct an interview, verify references, and obtain a State, Federal, and/or tribal criminal record check. Grantees must provide pre-service training and inservice training opportunities for program staff and volunteers to enhance the knowledge and skills they need to deliver Early Head Start services. In addition, programs must develop a professional development plan for each full-time employee who provides direct services to children. Grantees must report advancement in the plan each year. Staff must have familiarity with the ethnic background of the families they serve. If the majority of children in a classroom speak one language, at least one direct-service staff member must speak that language. Teachers must be able to communicate with all families, either directly or through a translator. 

Teachers: All Early Head Start teachers must have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop consistent, stable, and supportive relationships with young children and their families. They must have knowledge of infant and toddler development, safety issues in infant and toddler care, and methods for communicating effectively with infants and toddlers. In addition, teachers must be able to plan and implement learning experiences that address social-emotional development, early language and literacy, early math and science, problem solving, and approaches to learning. 

Center-based Early Head Start teachers must have a minimum of an Infant -Toddler Child Development Associate (CDA) or a comparable credential or a preschool CDA (or comparable credential) with training in infant toddler development. 

Family child care Early Head Start teachers must have previous early child care experience and, at a minimum, enroll in a Child Development Associate (CDA) program, an Associate's degree program, or Bachelor's degree program in child development within six months of beginning service. The family child care provider must acquire the credential or degree within two years of beginning service. 

Benefits to Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership and Early Head Start Expansion Grantees:
  • Designated Trainers are currently being scheduled in EHS CCP Grantee communities to help minimize your time as a grantee in concerning yourself with this process and center downtime for new hires.
  • Aid in a financial Peace of Mind - TIPS for Child Care Institute supports teachers through completion (average participant completes from start to finish 12 Weeks)
  • Support EHS CCP Directors in coordinating events, provide participant progress, and on-going recommendations to support Candidate Success
  • Providers are stated to be prepared to execute Creative Curriculum, have understanding of ECE foundation and readiness to implement PITC, and display professionalism of the NAEYC Code of Ethics.
  • Seamless to most grantees as EHS CCP directors can pay for their providers with systems set up for reimbursement directly from the local grantee.

Please share the link below with the EHS CCP Directors and Teachers, we look forward to aiding your community in meeting your unique goals and timelines!