More Than Just a CDA Training Program...

More Than Just a CDA Training Program...
by Shawntel Green - Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 4:26 PM

JumpStart™ Fast Track EHS CCP teachers will tell you they earned their Credentials and are "prepared to go back to school". TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. is more than just a training program, our unique CDA support program creates collaborative ready teachers with an expectation of excellence. All participants are required to interact, exhibit mastery of information, provide quality feedback, demonstrate their expertise and use strength based language reflective of professionals in our industry.

Teachers utilize:
Flipped learning environments Moodle based learning management systems Teams of professionals with updated industry content and resources Best practices Evidence and research based programming
Our program not only gets them enthusiastic about learning but confident to continue their knowledge using any learning platform!

Cultivate Excellence.

TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. is committed to cultivating excellence with every training through the power of influence. Each training session provides us an an opportunity to develop teachers through building a skill, sentiment or quality. As instructors it is our responsibility to model this in our environment, body language and attitude. Together shaping the future we revisit the NAEYC Code of Ethics and Preamble and build connections with providers during DAP domain supported Topic Areas of Instruction.

Teachers not only qualify, but with confidence we stand behind their ability; to earn the following college course credits:

Early Childhood Field Experience* (or Early Childhood Elective Credit)
(3 credits, lower division level) This course provides the student with practical experience in environments for young children, birth to age five. The experience affords the student the opportunity to become familiar with and demonstrate the principles and practices of early childhood. Hands-on instruction in working with children birth to age five.

The Infant and Toddler*

(3 credits, lower division level) A study of appropriate infant and toddler programs (birth to age 3), including an overview of development, quality care giving routines, appropriate environments, materials and activities, and teaching/guidance techniques. Participation in an early childhood setting is required.
*Teachers must meet both the criteria of successfully completing Comprehensive JumpStart and earned their CDA Credential through the council of professional recognition 

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